True Happiness | Dr. Richard Meloche and Sr. Marie Therese

Part I: True Happiness featuring Dr. Richard Meloche, Ph. D. & Sr. Marie Therese Long, OSB

The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture and the Integrated Formation Program (IFP) both find their genesis and mission in God Builds a House, the 2018 pastoral letter, and the strategic plan of Bishop David Konderla.

The diocese has worked to provide its families, parishes, and schools with the necessary tools and formation to be effective ministers of the Gospel and agents of cultural renewal to fulfill their ministerial vocations while building our institutions on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

“I am grateful to you all and confident that together we can advance the cause of Christ in Eastern Oklahoma by protecting our religious liberties and continuing to invest in our diocese.” Bishop David Konderla

Here on the “Eastern Oklahoma Catholic” Podcast, you can find all things Catholic in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma.

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