Faith & Culture Conference

The Two Great Lights: The Spiritual & Temporal Powers
in Catholic Life & Culture

Doubletree Hotel  |  Tulsa, OK
May 12–13, 2023

Keynote Speakers

Chad Pecknold, Ph.D.
Catholic University of America
Patrick Deneen, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame

Just as God, founder of the universe, has constituted two large luminaries in the firmament of Heaven, a major one to dominate the day and a minor one to dominate the night, so he has established in the firmament of the Universal Church, which is signified by the name of Heaven, two great dignities, a major one to preside—so to speak—over the days of the souls, and a minor one to preside over the nights of the bodies. They are the Pontifical authority and the royal power.

—Pope Innocent III

Letter to Acerbius & Tuscan Nobles (1198)

Call for Abstracts

The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture invites scholars, lay leaders, and religious to reflect upon the fundamental relationship between the Church and civil society. In response to the overwhelming secularizing trend in American political life and culture, which has led to the eclipsing of the traditional structural concepts of nature, family, law, common good, teleology, et al., this conference seeks to explore both the theoretical and practical causes, effects, and possible solutions to this loss.

To this end, the Alcuin Institute issues a ‘Call for Abstracts’ to give serious reflection upon the essential relationship between the two great governing lights, viz. spiritual and temporal authority.

Abstracts should be between 250-350 words, and include: your name, institution, and the title of the proposed presentation. Please submit abstracts in a Word or PDF document to Dr. Aaron Henderson by email at by Dec. 15, 2022. Notification of acceptance will be given by Jan. 6, 2023.

Select papers may be considered for publication in an edited volume.


Featured Speakers:

In addition to Keynote speakers, twelve (12) featured speakers will participate in moderated sessions with three (3) papers presented per session. Each presentation will be limited to twenty (20) minutes in length. All presenters will receive a $250 travel voucher, plus waiver of registration fee

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