Center for Catholic Spirituality

Certifications in Spiritual Direction &
Spiritual Companionship

More and more of the Christian faithful in Eastern Oklahoma are seeking advancement in the spiritual life. To address this need, the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma provides training in two distinct areas: the Spiritual Direction Certificate and the Spiritual Companion Certificate. Both certifications, in distinct ways, aim to train qualified persons in the art of directing and accompanying souls to the attainment of Christian perfection—in accordance with their particular state of life and in conformity with the intellectual and spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church.
The Center for Catholic Spirituality takes as its patroness and protector the Blessed Mother, under the title of Our Lady of Good Counsel.


Instructors & Mentors

Rev. Elkin González, S.T.D.
Prof. Richard Meloche, Ph.D.
Prof. Aaron Henderson, Ph.D.
Rev. Alessandro Calderoni, S.T.L.
Rev. Sean Donovan, S.T.L.
Very Rev. Jack Gleason, S.T.L.
Rev. Joshua Litwack
Very Rev. John O’Neill
Rev. Richard Cristler
Rev. James Caldwell
Ms. Betsy McNeil

General Information

Applications For The New Class Will Begin in January 2025