The Alcuin Institute is pleased to host a variety of cultural and liturgical events around Eastern Oklahoma for the faithful; be this as it may, culture finds roots principally in the family and the household. Consequently, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide our priests, leaders, and lay faithful with these resources. We hope they will equip and inspire you to help us promote a stronger culture, starting with our households, parishes, and broader Catholic communities.


This is a library of resources created and/or collected by the Alcuin Institute for the purpose of promoting a vibrant spirituality and a stronger Catholic culture in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma.

Common Prayers and Devotions


Epiphany is a celebration of the Light of Christ—particularly as expressed in the story of the Visitation of the Magi (in the Western Church) and the Baptism of the Lord (in Eastern traditions). Why not take some inspiration from this historic feast?


Candlemas celebrates the Presentation of Christ at the Temple, and has traditionally marked the end of the Christmas season. Since this feast was also historically a feast of purification, be sure to get your candles blessed for the upcoming year!