Richard Meloche: Richard Meloche

Dr. Richard Meloche serves as the president of the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture.

On the Merits of Rural Living

Much of who we are, what we do, and how we express ourselves as Catholics is tied inextricably to our ancient, but mostly forgotten, agrarian heritage.  One cannot read the…

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The Metaphysics of Beauty

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s main character in The Idiot famously claims that “beauty will save the world.” Ever since its publication in 1869, and increasingly in recent years, this enigmatic phrase has…

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Faith of Our Fathers: Bl. Alcuin of York

In tribute to our patron and in honor of his feast day on May 19, I would like to reflect on what philosophic wisdom Bl. Alcuin of York has to…

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Alcuin & the Power of Music

On May 19th the Church formally recognized and duly honored our beloved patron, Bl. Alcuin of York. In a fitting act of veneration, I choice to mark the date by…

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St. Thomas & the Cure for Modern Malaise

Ever since his canonization, a mere 50 years after his earthly passing, the Church has routinely advanced and promoted the precious wisdom of the “Common Doctor.” A quick study of…

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