Speaker Bureau

dr meloche

Richard Meloche, Ph.D.

Richard Meloche is the President of the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma. He earned his initial degrees in philosophy and theology from the University of Western Ontario, and his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Ave Maria University in Naples, Fla. When he is not studying or teaching the truths of the Catholic faith, Prof. Meloche enjoys the ‘simple’ life on his small farmstead in rural Oklahoma with his wife and seven children.

Areas of Specialty: Catholic Culture | Metaphysics | Epistemology | Sacraments | Virtue | Contemplative Prayer | St. Thomas Aquinas | Catechesis & Evangelization

Preferred Teaching Formats: Socratic Discussion | Lectures | Seminars | Conferences | Retreats


Joey Spencer, D.Min.

Dr. Joey Spencer is a Tutor in the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture. In addition to teaching and studying theology, Joey enjoys spending time with his son, practicing the fine art of porch-sitting with family and friends, and being in the company of old books. Joey also serves as the Archivist for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma.

Areas of Specialty: Spiritual Theology | Angels & Angelology | Saints | Sacred Art | History

Preferred Teaching Formats: Lectures | Small Group Catechesis | Socratic Discussion

Donald Prudlo, Ph.D.

Dr. Donald Prudlo is the Warren Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Tulsa. He teaches across the entire realm of Christian thought, interweaving history, theology, and philosophy into a seamless whole. Known for his witty personality and engaging style, he is committed to providing a rich interdisciplinary approach to the Faith, and wants to use Catholic studies to provide a comprehensive perspective on all of life.

Areas of Specialty: Theology | Thomism | Medieval History | Protestant Reformation | Saints & Sainthood | Liberal Arts

Preferred Teaching Formats:  Lectures | Conferences