About the Institute

Who We Are

Officially launched on Oct. 7, 2018—the feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary—the Alcuin Institute is an educational and cultural institute that oversees the formation of Catholic leaders and educators throughout the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma. We have accepted this responsibility under the vision and direction of Bsp. David A. Konderla, as expressed in his 2018 pastoral letter God Builds a House.

As a faculty of friends, we are uniquely committed to promoting in all diocesan educational and cultural programming a stronger appreciation of the intimate ties uniting the intellect with the imagination, especially by advocating for an intentional return to the spiritual, intellectual, and artistic sources of the Christian West.

What We Do

Food, Friends, & Faith Formation


The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture seeks to cultivate in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma forgotten, and often forbidden, realities—such as virtue, chivalry, valor, self-denial, a fondness for things of the past, and the real mirth found in friendship in order that truth, goodness, and beauty may prevail. In doing so we hope to become a bastion for authentic Catholic culture. How do we go about doing this?

By imitating the greatest teachers of old, of course: Socrates and Christ! We travel around the eastern half of Oklahoma inviting folks to join us in robust and lively conversations about things that truly matter. Such conversations are always—and necessarily—accompanied with much food, drink, and mirth!

What people are saying

"It was important to me that the institute was reenforcing the things I was teaching my children at home."

A Father-Daughter Experience with Alcuin

Our Lady of Victory


The Alcuin Institute claims Our Lady of Victory as our patroness of help. Through her prayers, we hope to succeed in our mission to promote Catholic culture. Accordingly, the Our Lady of Victory Medal is our annual award given to an eminent Catholic thinker whose work complements the mission of the Alcuin Institute. More specifically, the medal is given to a scholar whose labor has helped rally the Christain faithful togther with a shared, Catholic vision of reality.


Our Lady of Victory Award

Recent Recipients

2022 | Abp. Charles J. Chaput
2021 | Andrew Willard Jones
2020 | John A. Cuddeback
2019 | Michael P. Foley