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“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
—J. R. R. Tolkien

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St. John’s Day | Wine Blessing

2024 Charlemagne Ball


Alcuin understood that the movement of the mind from a state of ignorance to a state of knowledge, though at times difficult, ought not be a cold, sterile, and impersonal act that hardens the soul. Education should instead resemble a well-planned meal, advancing from course to course, each plate preparing the next, in the end leaving the guest utterly satisfied, yet somehow desiring more. The pleasure of the feast is a result of the company kept and the food served. Alcuin maintained that the best intellectual diet consisted of ‘ancient’ fare, that is ‘toothsome food’ that has been proven to cause health and vitality.

The Alcuin Institute seeks to return to this kind of education, one that is at once broad and deep, yet light and whimsical, and thoroughly grounded in the primary sources of the Christian West; the deer and pheasant to be found in our very own precincts. Such a feast among friends in Christ is “the best that life can offer.”

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Upcoming Events

St. John’s Day | Wine Blessing

2024 Charlemagne Ball

Past Events

New Orleans Pilgrimage

Join Dr. Richard Meloche and Fr. Alessandro Calderoni for a 4-day mini pilgrimage to one of the most Catholic cities in the nation: New Orleans, LA! Unlike the Protestant towns established along the Eastern seaboard, ‘Nola’ was founded as a distinctive Catholic enclave wherein everything – from architecture to andouille – is infused with the sacred. We will visit ancient Churches, tour historic sites, feast on local fare, enjoy beautiful architecture, experience a perfectly prepared Sazerac, and pray with the ardor of the saints. Do join us – and Walker Percy (who will be a literary guide) – as we explore the enchanting New Orleans!  
Beautiful Liturgical Sites
Festive Local Music
Moving Architecture & Gardens
Delectable Cuisine

Notable Features Include:

Luxury Coach Boutique Hotel
Breakfast & Dinner Daily Mass
Professional Guides Real Friendship & Conversations
Starting price is $1,300 per pilgrim, and includes coach fare, room and board (2 meals). Pricing varies by package and total number of pilgrims. Limited private accommodations are available for an additional fee. For general questions or more details, contact Mr. Eli Stone with Alcuin at! For logistical or registration questions, please contact Sandy Harem, pilgrimage coordinator with Iturria Journeys, at!

2023 Charlemagne Ball

“If music be the food of love, then play on!” – Duke Orsino, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

The Alcuin Institute requests the pleasure of your company at the 2023 Charlemagne Ball. In festive celebration of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, join others for an enchanting evening of fine dining and formal dancing. Registration includes a champagne cocktail hour, a formal four-course dinner, a waltz demonstration & lesson, and two hours of dancing, complete with a live string quartet orchestra! Tickets for the event can be purchased for $50 per person. Tables, seating 8, are available for $500. Preferred dress for the evening is formal waltz attire (but jeans and boots will do in a pinch). Contact Mr. Eli Stone at for additional information.

Your dance instructor: Monica Winkler

Monica Winkler proudly hails from Buffalo, NY, and has experienced a variety of different styles over her 19 years of dancing. She has received professional training in ballroom and Latin dance from the likes of Taliat Tarsinov, Ilya Ifraimov and Tony Dovolani. She moved her dance journey to Tulsa in order to begin the dance program at Holy Family Classical School, and has enjoyed sharing dance with many of all ages in the city! She truly believes that EVERYone and ANYone can dance, and she can’t wait to show you how!

St. John’s Day | Wine Blessing

For ages, Catholics throughout Christendom have had their wine blessed on the feast of St. John the Apostle. The tradition originates from the legend that the Beloved Disciple of Jesus once partook of a glass of poisoned wine, but was miraculously unharmed on account of the special blessing that he gave it with the Sign of the Cross. The wine would be consumed by the family throughout the year for protection against poisoning and the promise of good health. It would also be offered to guests throughout the year as a most fitting gesture of Catholic hospitality. Join us as we revive this ancient tradition of our faith! This family-friendly celebration will start with Mass at 5:30, followed by a social, the blessing of wine, and a savory sampling of meats and cheeses! So, grab your favorite bottle of Merlot, Cab, or Rosé, and come to "drink the love of St. John" and toast in the New Year!  

Martinmas | Celebrating Agrarian Life

Farming and the Church: A Conversation for Realists & Dreamers

@ Southdown Cottage

All are invited to the Alcuin Institute’s annual agrarian celebration of traditional peasant culture. On Sat. Nov. 12, friends from around the Diocese are welcomed to join Prof. Meloche on his farm for an enchanting evening of rustic merriment in honor and celebration of St. Martin of Tours. The evening includes:


A visit of all the farm-beasts that occupy and animate Southdown Cottage


An elegant open-air culinary experience of roasted lamb, locally sourced cured meats and cheeses, and exquisite French champagnes.


A lively discussion with Br. Joseph Marie Owen, O.S.B., Mr. Brandon Sheard, and Ross McKnight on the theoretical importance and the practical struggles of striving for self-sufficiency in the modern technological age. Do consider joining us for an unforgettable evening!

Space is limited; register today!

Abp. Charles Chaput | Bl. Alcuin of York Lecture

Join the Alcuin Institute on October 7th for our annual Bl. Alcuin of York Lecture & Award Ceremony! This year, we are honoring Archbishop Charles Chaput for his tireless work in promoting Catholic culture. Apb. Chaput will, in turn, honor us with a lecture entitled “On the Power of the Powerless”:
Baptism incorporates us into a culture of truth and freedom, commissions us to witness that, and gives us the grace to do it if we just have a little faith and courage.

—Abp. Charles Chaput

The event will begin with Mass at 5:30pm, followed by a social, lecture, and the presentation of our signature Our Lady of Victory Medal. We hope you will be able to join us as we honor this faithful successor to the Apostles and his work to advance Catholic culture! Tickets can be purchased at the link below. Due to space constraints & expected attendance, dinner will not be served. We are happy to provide light hors d'oeuvres and drinks during the social! Questions can be directed to Mr. Eli Stone at