Real Friendship

Authentically Cultivating Real Communities

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”
—St. Thomas Aquinas


Alcuin understood that the movement of the mind from a state of ignorance to a state of knowledge, though at times difficult, ought not be a cold, sterile, and impersonal act that hardens the soul. Education should instead resemble a well-planned meal, advancing from course to course, each plate preparing the next, in the end leaving the guest utterly satisfied, yet somehow desiring more. The pleasure of the feast is a result of the company kept and the food served. Alcuin maintained that the best intellectual diet consisted of ‘ancient’ fare, that is ‘toothsome food’ that has been proven to cause health and vitality.

The Alcuin Institute seeks to return to this kind of education, one that is at once broad and deep, yet light and whimsical, and thoroughly grounded in the primary sources of the Christian West; the deer and pheasant to be found in our very own precincts. Such a feast among friends in Christ is “the best that life can offer.”

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Third Wednesday Reading Group: Babette’s Feast

Third Wednesday Reading Group: Frankenstein

Third Wednesday Reading Group: Pinocchio

New Orleans Pilgrimage

Join Dr. Richard Meloche and Fr. Alessandro Calderoni for a 4-day mini pilgrimage to one of the most Catholic cities in the nation: New Orleans, LA! Unlike the Protestant towns established along the Eastern seaboard, ‘Nola’ was founded as a distinctive Catholic enclave wherein everything – from architecture to andouille – is infused with the sacred. We will visit ancient Churches, tour historic sites, feast on local fare, enjoy beautiful architecture, experience a perfectly prepared Sazerac, and pray with the ardor of the saints. Do join us – and Walker Percy (who will be a literary guide) – as we explore the enchanting New Orleans!  
Beautiful Liturgical Sites
Festive Local Music
Moving Architecture & Gardens
Delectable Cuisine

Notable Features Include:

Luxury Coach Boutique Hotel
Breakfast & Dinner Daily Mass
Professional Guides Real Friendship & Conversations
Starting price is $1,300 per pilgrim, and includes coach fare, room and board (2 meals). Pricing varies by package and total number of pilgrims. Limited private accommodations are available for an additional fee. For general questions or more details, contact Mr. Eli Stone with Alcuin at! For logistical or registration questions, please contact Sandy Harem, pilgrimage coordinator with Iturria Journeys, at!

Catholic Speaker Series: Fr. Bonaventure Chapman

The Alcuin Institute is pleased to partner with St. Michael Catholic Radio to bring you the Catholic Speaker Series—a joint initiative designed to bring some of the best and most engaging Catholic speakers to the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma! Join us on Friday, June 30 as we discuss the virtue of Justice, the related virtue of Mercy, and the balance that must be struck between the two. Fr. Bonaventure Chapman, O.P. is a Dominican friar of the Province of St. Joseph, and cohost of Godsplaining, a Dominican podcast launched by the friars. He holds an M.Th. in Applied Theology from Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, where he studied for the Anglican priesthood before being confirmed in the Catholic Church. Following his ordination in 2017, he taught and served as assistant chaplain at Providence College, and is presently a doctoral candidate at the Catholic University of America. In addition to the lecture, in true Alcuin fashion, plenty of drinks, hors d'ouevres, and merriment will be had. Please contact us at with any questions you may have about this event! We look forward to seeing you there!