Alcuin @ St. Francis Xavier

October 1, 2022 | 9am–2pm | St. Francis Xavier (Stillwater)

Please note:

We pride ourselves on offering some form of catering or fine hospitality at all of our events; please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can prepare to welcome you!

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Join the Alcuin Institute for our signature Convivia! These informal roundtable discussions allow us to dive deeply into a particular aspect of our faith, while coming together in friendship and fellowship with our co-laborers in the Kingdom! Each session includes:
  • Readings from the great philosophers, saints, & Magisterium
  • Group reflection, discussion, and application of Church teaching
  • “Illumination” of eternal truths with sacred art
  • And plenty of good food & drink!
This year, we will take a deeper look at the Sacraments as Mysterious Encounters with Christ. Our conversation topics will include:
  • Man, the Naturally-Religious Animal
  • Sacraments: Signs of Sacred Things
  • Sacraments Old & New
  • The Eucharist: Source & Summit
Each conversation is unique, because the conversation is driven by you! Why not grab a friend, come out for some good eats, and discuss the riches of our Catholic faith with us?