Aaron Henderson | St. Thomas & the Eucharistic Life

January 28, 2023 | 6–8pm | St. Philip Neri, Tulsa

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Come celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas with the Alcuin Institute and St. Philip Neri University Parish! Many know St. Thomas as the philosopher-theologian of the Middle Ages. However, his staggering intellectual capacities were rivaled only by his great devotion to the central mystery of our Catholic faith: the Eucharist. So devoted was Thomas to the Blessed Sacrament that, whenever he struggled to understand a lofty theological concept, he would go to the chapel to pray before the Sacrament—even leaning his head upon the tabernacle—and patiently wait for God to reveal the answer. On Jan 28th, Dr. Aaron Henderson will offer some reflections on the Eucharistic piety of this great saint, in his brief talk titled “St. Thomas & the Eucharistic Life.” In an age where Eucharistic devotion seems to wane, St. Thomas stands as a great model for all Catholics to recenter their lives on this beautiful gift to the Church. As is our custom, the lecture will be preceded with all manner of good food and drink. Do join us in raising a glass to the 'Angelic' (yet 'Common') Doctor!

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