Chad Pecknold – Altar Fire: The Religious Nature of the Soul and the City

June 17, 2022 | 6-9pm | Holy Family Cathedral, Tulsa

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Join us for food, drink, and fellowship hosted by The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture and St. Michael Catholic Radio! Ever since St. Augustine's masterpiece The City of God, Catholics have applied the great truths of faith to better understand human society and how it can best flourish. However, in recent centuries, the rise of secularized political regimes called Catholic political history into question. But the modern world seems far from ideal, and the American experiment with "separation of Church and State" seems to have left many citizens unsatisfied. What are the alternatives? Can there really be such a thing as a "Catholic state," and if so, what would it look like? Dr. Chad Pecknold will offer his thoughts on the subject in his talk "Altar Fire: The Religious Nature of the Soul and the City." In partnership with St. Michael's Catholic Radio, the Alcuin Institute is pleased to offer childcare, food, and good drinks as we consider these important and timely issues! Doors open at 6p, and the talk will begin at 7p. We will conclude with Q/A and a brief social at 8pm. Please contact Ms. Becky Holder at with questions. To register for childcare (ages 1-10 only), please email Please include your contact information, along with the name and age of your child.

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Dr. Chad Pecknold received his PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK) in 2005 and since 2008 he has been a Professor of Historical & Systematic Theology in the School of Theology at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.