Integrated Formation Program

Integrated Formation Program

The IFP finds its genesis and mission in Bishop David A. Konderla's 2018 pastoral letter,

in which he calls for the ongoing formation and support of Catholic leaders.

IFP Photo 2

Dr. Henderson and Dr. Meloche

The Integrated Formation Program (IFP) aims to provide a broad, yet unified, thematic course of study that will foster a Diocesan wide conversation among and across constituent groups of Catholic leaders.

Following a reoccurring four-year cycle drawn from the sturcture of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the IFP invites participants to dive deeply into the truths of the Catholic faith through a close reading of primary texts and lively Socratic conversations ordered to concrete ministerial applications.

Continual education for teachers and faculty in the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma

Through the platform of Paycor, we will be providing lectures, discussions, and resources to further your continued education.

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