Made for More | Nathaniel Binversie

Made for More is a series to help you discover Christ and unfold the way he desires us to live our lives.

The main reason men make an Exodus is this: they want to grow. Closer to God, their spouse, children, and friends. Closer to that man that God has called them to be for them. Download a mobile-friendly Holy Hour guide for free.

Meet Nathaniel Binversie

Best known for his work in developing the road map for the Exodus Biblical Series and re-writing The Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise, Nathaniel is an author, editor, podcaster and international speaker. His more recent stops have included Ireland, Poland, and Slovakia. In addition to speaking, he creates challenging and practical content for men in both video and written forms. For postings of his most recent work, check out Nathaniel’s blog.

Made for More is an initiative of the Faith Formation Office of the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma. If you have any questions or would like to attend these events, please contact Sarah Jameson:

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