Mason Beecroft: Mason Beecroft

Mason Beecroft is a freelance Catholic writer in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma.

The Spirit of the Lord: Romano Guardini

Romano Guardini is one of the most important voices in Catholic intellectual discussions of the last century. This is most evident in the significant influence his works have had on…

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The Evangelical Ministry of Fulton Sheen

When I was still a Lutheran pastor, I regularly flipped around cable channels in the evening hours after everyone had gone to bed. Whenever I landed on EWTN and saw…

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Good Friday & Emmaus Sunday

My wife and I are finishing a small cabin on 10-acres that sits on the top of a 1,000 foot hill off of 6 miles of dirt road near Checotah,…

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Faith of Our Fathers: Irenaeus of Lyons

In the above summary of the Rule of Faith, Irenaeus emphasizes baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the means by which God saves sinners…

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