Revelation & Docility: St. Joseph as Model

March 19, 2022 | 6 pm | Chancery Offices, Broken Arrow

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Come celebrate the feast of St. Joseph with the Alcuin Institute! In honor of this great saint, and in honor of the recently-ended Year of Saint Joseph, we are pleased to have our newest faculty member, Dr. Aaron Henderson, offer a meditation on St. Joseph, entitled“Revelation & Docility: St. Joseph as Model.” Though the Bible says precious little about St. Joseph, and despite the fact that none of the man’s words are recorded, this great saint has much to teach us about our fundamental posture in the face of God’s revelation, which is His free act of self-disclosure. St. Joseph is presented as open and docile to God’s word, much like his immaculate spouse. His rather obscure role in the biblical text conveys a profound receptivity and humility, to be sure, but this does not mean that St. Joseph is inactive. Rather, we often encounter Joseph in his faith-filled actions, as when he rescues Mary and the child Jesus by taking them into Egypt. In short, Joseph is a model to us both of the docility and humility we ought to have when met with God’s saving truth, and of the faith-filled obedience we ought to exhibit as a response to this revelation. So, come on out, and join us as we gather under the tutelage of this great Father of the Church!
Dr. Aaron Henderson is a Catholic theologian working for the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture. He was raised in Missouri, educated in Kansas, Texas, and Florida, and is now finding his footing here in Eastern Oklahoma. In addition to reading and speaking about all things theological, he enjoys translating, editing, and going out with friends for a good beer or two.
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