West Vicariate (Tulsa) Convivium

November 19, 2021 | 1–7:30 pm | Christ the King Parish

Please note:

We pride ourselves on offering some form of catering or fine hospitality at all of our events; please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can prepare to welcome you!

This is a past event; please find a list of upcoming events here!

Join the Alcuin Institute for one of our signature Alcuin Seminarsour fancy way of saying food, friendship, and good conversation centered around a particular set of primary sources! This event offers the same great formation available in our Tulsa Convivia, but in a condensed format! In keeping with the Diocesan formation theme Revelation: Natural & Divine, we will take a look at various subjects related to God’s revelation of Himself, generally through nature and specially through His Son. Over the course of this 1-day Seminar, we will read select passages from great authors—philosophers, Church Fathers, Saints, and the great Popes of the last century—in the hopes that they will help us answer four important questions: namely, What is Truth?; What is the relationship between Faith and Reason?; How do we reconcile Scripture and Tradition?; How do we deal with the apparent tensions between Faith and Science? As always, our conversation will be augmented with an abundance of fine food and drink, and will include plenty of time for connecting and socializing with your peers. So invite a friend, fellow catechist, or another co-laborer in the Lord's vineyard, and “come, let us reason together!”
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