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2022 Great Books Summer Program


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Dr. Henderson and Dr. Meloche

Join the faculty of the Alcuin Institute as we read, ponder, and discuss the great works of the Catholic literary tradition! From Homer to Dante, immerse yourself in the transfixing and transforming prose of the greatest poets of antiquity. These texts shaped Christendom, allow them to shape you!


Through an accelerated/intensive two (2) week course, students will read, study, and discuss the primary literary texts that shaped much of the Western thought and practice.  Taught by expert tutors of the Alcuin Institute and accredited through Newman University, students will earn university credit hours, while encountering the beauty and transformative power of the Catholic literary tradition.

Cath 3003: Ancient Classics

  • June 13 thru June 24
  • Homer; Plato; Cicero; St. Augustine
  • 3 credit hours

Cath 3013: Medieval Classics

  • June 27 thru July 8
  • Dante; St. Benedict; St. Thomas Aquinas; Sir Gawain & the Green Knight
  • 3 credit hours


Are you:

  • A university student desiring to earn (low cost) summer credits that can be transferred easily into your home institution?
  • An advanced high-school student who wants to get a leg-up and earn advanced college credits?
  • A non-student interested in (re)reading and discussing the great works of Western literature?

Are you interested in doing all this while learning from an authentically Catholic perspective? Then the Alcuin Great Books Summer Program is for you!

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Although fully accredited through Newman University in Kansas, the courses are offered in person at the Chancery of the Diocese of Tulsa. Classes run 9am–11:50am, Mon–Fri, with Daily Mass offered at noon.

Tuition rates (per class):

  • Full Accreditation: $499
  • Audit: $250
  • Advanced Standing Credit (Highschool): $250

Ready for some good summer reading?

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