A French Prayer to St. Joseph

A traditional French prayer to St. Joseph, origins unknown

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Text adapted from a traditional French prayer to St. Joseph Translator and distributor unknown

Great Saint Joseph, specially chosen by God in the decree of the Incarnation, Chosen to share in the life of the Immaculate Virgin, raised to the dignity of the legal father of Jesus: you were the unobtrusive veil under which the Mystery of the Virgin Mary took shelter. You were the holy shadow where the Majesty of God-made-man was hidden. O you, whom Mary loved as a spouse; oh you, whom Jesus loved as a father; introduce us into the divine sanctuary of their intimacy. Envelop in us your veil of humility and purity. Obtain for us this complete offering of ourselves, fruit of generous and hidden immolation. Make us penetrate in the holy shadow of your self-effacement. Obtain for us this imperious attraction to silence and true love O great saint, image of the Father in heaven, to whom Jesus and Mary were subjected, we submit ourselves to you. Watch over our interior life. Lead us to Jesus and to Mary. Give us Jesus and Mary.