Aaron Henderson: Aaron Henderson

Dr. Aaron Henderson is a Faculty Tutor for the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture.

Dr. Joey Spencer | Angels and the Christian Moral Life

Come celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (Jan. 28) with the Alcuin Institute and St. Philip Neri University Parish! St. Thomas has much to teach us about the moral…

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St. John’s Day | Wine Blessing

For ages, Catholics throughout Christendom have had their wine blessed on the feast of St. John the Apostle. The tradition originates from the legend that the Beloved Disciple of Jesus…

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Dale Ahlquist | Bl. Alcuin of York Lecture

Join the Alcuin Institute on October 7th for our annual Bl. Alcuin of York Lecture & Award Ceremony! This year, we are honoring Dale Ahlquist for his work in promoting Catholic learning and…

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Parents as Educators

As a new father, I look forward to the education of my daughter with a certain amount of anxiety and trepidation. Marriage is primarily for the sake of the procreation…

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Pentecost and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

There are key moments in our own lives, stages of development and achievements worth remembering and celebrating. We can think here of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and so forth. Something like…

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