Adam Minihan: Adam Minihan

Adam is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, the Co-Host of The Catholic Man Show, and the CEO of St. Michael Catholic Radio.

The Four Types of Watchfulness

  “Where did that thought come from?” Have you ever experienced an intrusive thought, seemingly out of nowhere, and embarrassingly realized how evil it was? Or, after clenching your fists…

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What is adoration and what should I be doing? | Tulsa Time with Bishop Konderla

What is adoration? What do we do in adoration? What if we get bored? How do we cultivate a love of adoration within our family? Each week Adam Minihan, Director…

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Made for More | Bishop David Konderla

Bishop David Konderla gives his talk on “The Beauty of Human Dignity” aimed at helping young adults discover Christ and unfold the way he desires us to live our lives….

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Living Intentionally Catholic | Tulsa Time with Bishop Konderla

What should we be doing throughout the week as Catholics? What is the difference between mortal and venial sin? Is God going to forgive me if I commit a terrible…

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The Eucharistic Revival and Preparing for Holy Mass | Tulsa Time with Bishop Konderla

What is the Eucharistic Revival? Who can partake in receiving the Eucharist? How should we prepare for Holy Mass? Each week Adam Minihan, Director of Communications for the diocese, sits…

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